POSM Contracting

The right corporate image is the cornerstone of the successful business.  As the ambassador of your brand, your retail outlet and POSM should best reflect your company.  In-Concept could provide the whole tailor-made concept package for your company and we could help your store and POSM to make the right first impression.  In-Concept will abreast with the customer demands, market trends, services and ideas with unique one-stop solution concept.


POSM (Point of Sales Material) is the advertising materials that are used to communicate brand information to the consumers at the POP/POS place.

  • Wall Unit & Counter
  • Gondola End
  • Dump Bin (almost made in paper & acrylic)
  • PVC Bag Shelf Display
  • Product Display (Glorifier)
  • In-Store Display (Island display)
  • In & Out Store Pop
  • Leaflet Stand
  • Product Box Set

Our Services:

  •  Custom made with different kinds of materials
  •  Provision of custom solutions for fixtures
  •  Design, Production, Installation, Packing and Delivery service